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G shock Mudman watches reviewed

G-Shock AW590-1A Analogue Digital Watch Review

G-Shock Analogue WatchAny readers of the blog will know that when it comes to G-Shock watches, I am a big fan for the analogue version of their watches. The G-Shock AW590-1A is another affordable entry into the analogue range of watches – and I really like it.

The watch is at the low to mid end of the G-Shock price range – around $90, and yet feels styled in a much more expensive fashion. As you might aspect, this is a tough watch, and easily deals with everyday wear and tear that gets thrown at it. Up the ante a bit, and give it some of the rough treatment, and like all G-Shocks, it continues to perform and keep its stylish looks.

The main features are:

That it features a dual display with both Analogue and Digital. The Digitial display can be set to show a number of the watches functions. You have five day alarms (not sure why you need that many!), 29 time zones, LED light that can be activated by pressing a button, or set to automatic when you turn your wrist to look at the watch – which is kinda cool.

You have the other functions such as countdown timer, stopwatch.

The watch is robust, consisting of a stainless steel case, which has the added design feature of silver-tone metal bezel, which style wise sets it apart from the single colour G-Shocks around. The same robust protective casing is still there, and being water resistant up to 600 feet – this is more than enough for mere everyday use.

Here are some of the main comments people have about the watch:

“ The watch is very sturdy, and has a lot of nice features. ”

“ I don’t find the need to have that many alarms but some may find it useful. ”

“ When I opened it I noticed the size was good – large enough bezel to look like a man’s watch, and thick enough to appear rugged. ”

You can check out my main video review of the G-Shock AW590-1A here:


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Modern Military Wristwatches – The G-Shock Mudman G9000

G Shock Mudman G9000When it comes to Military Wristwatches the G-Shock has established itself as one of the foremost watches worn by those in the military. Especially popular with as a Special Ops Watch. The G-Shock Mudman G9000 is one of the most popular choices. Extremely tough and reliable, but affordable enough to be replaced (you would hardly want to take your Rolex with you into the field of battle).

There is no doubt that the G-Shock Mudman is built for extreme conditions, and it features a special casing that prevents dust, dirt and water getting inside it.

The grey model is pretty hard to find, but is reviewed in video below. It features all the classic G-Shock features such as Alarms, Stopwatches and Countdown timers.

Check this great military watch review below:

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