G-Shock GW3000B Aviation Military watch

G-Shock Aviation Style Military Watches

G-Shock GW3000B Aviation Military watchI love these aviation influenced G-Shock military watches. Same old tough G-Shock as you might expect, but has that aeroplane dial look.

The G-Shock GW300B-1AER is an analogue version of the classic G-Shock, with aviation styling. As well as the standard shock reistant toughness that you come to expect from all G-Shock watches, this high end range of the tough brand packs a host of hi-tech elements. Powered by the sun it has a solar cell, which uses thermal and electrical energy to recharges the watch batteries through solar panels on the watch face.  It also features a radio signal reception to keep perfect time. It doesn’t matter what country you are in, it will show you the correct local time, and even update itself automatically for summer and winter clock re-sets.

You get the tough mineral glass, for that scratch resistance, with a tough resin wristband which is flexible and very durable. Water proof to 200 M and 20 bar– so ideal for free diving.

Functionality includes a lot of G-shock standard functionality:

  • Neo-display
  • World Time function
  • Stop watch
  • Daily Alarm
  • Automatic Hand adjustment
  • Automatic calander

The range has 3 variations, including the orange strapped GW 3000M-4AER. Check out the more detailed video review below.

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