G-Shock Put Through Some Tough Tests

You may get the distinct impression that when it comes to Military Wristwatches we seem to favour the G-Shock watch.

Is it any wonder when you realise how tough and rugged the G-Shock watches can be. They are tough and affordable, which ultimately means they can be easily replaced if need be.  That is why more and more military personnel favour the G-Shock watch, such as the oft-featured G-Shock Mudman or this nice analogue-digital Military watch the G-Shock 100 1A1cu.
G-Shock GA100-1A1CU Analog Digital CombinationIf you want to know how hard these watches are put through the tests, then check out this great video on G-Shock watch testing. If you are looking for rugged, then they don’t come much more rugged than a G-Shock.

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