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What Exactly Defines Military Wristwatches?

 So what exactly defines military wristwatches?  Here are two examples of standard issue military watch in the G10 style. One from CWC and one from the Marathon Watch Company.  Both watch companies make standard issue watches for the military in both the US and Europe. 


CWC (Cabot Watch Company) have been supplying watches to the British military for over 30 years, and replaced the previous Hamilton (UK) watch. Even today the CWC G10 watches are issued to British servicemen, and continue to be the watch of choice for the Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom. 

 The history of military wristwatches date back to World War 1, and grew in popularity in World War 2. The need for a distinct clear face, with easy to read Arabic numerals were key, and those principles can be seen in contemporary military wristwatches today. 

 Of course, military wristwatches have developed and evolved, with pilot watches and diver’s watches. The US military today do can wear commercial
watches, as long as they meet certain specifications, and most major watch
brands have a history of making military watches.

 The Vintage military watch is a popular collectors market, with battle worn watches being most desirable. Contemporary watch designs contain many style influences from the standard military watch G10 style, with its dark face, clear white numbers, and NATO style strap – for example look at designer brand Burberry’s take on the military watch style.
burberry military watch Burberry Military Watch 


The similarities are clear, with its NATO style strap and black watch face. 

 So whether you are a collector of vintage military watches, or just like the design styling influence of military wristwatches, there are plenty of choices.

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