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Why Mililtary Wristwatches Are Great For Business Men

When it comes to the military wristwatches it seems that they are no longer the exclusive watch of choice for military and law enforcement personnel. More and more the stylings of the military wristwatch are influencing contemporary watch design. But more than this, the classic military watch itself being adopted by the business man.

A watch says a lot about the wearer. Like a lot of adornment, we make judgments and assumptions about the small style choices of the people we meet. So what does the military watch offer say about its wearer? Well, assuming the wearer upon whom the watch is adorned is not in the theatre of battle, the classic and minimalist stylings of the classic military watch can convey much. I am of course not referring to the high end, Special Ops type watches, but the simple G10 style, black faced dial, with white Arabic-numerals, round military specification watch, with clean design and olive-drab canvas strap.

I was sitting on a commuter train recently, and I could not but help notice a smart business man, wearing a watch with a distinctive canvas strap. The watch was clean and well presented, and from the overheard conversation, I could ascertain that the business man in question was ex-military. The simple, minimalist design of the watch went well with the smart, well groomed appearance, and spoke volumes about the simple style choices of this man.

The classic smart military watch suggests positive image, without the need for fuss or over-elaborateness certain watches suggest. In addition such a watch is not “showy”, it does not scream for attention. It shows strength of character and good taste. In addition it also suggests that there is not the need to flaunt a designer brand down one’s throat.

I wear a classic Tag Heur, and part of that is me demonstrating good taste, if not a little ostentatiously. A smart, classic military wristwatch shows all of that good tatste, without the need to demonstrate such ostentatious displays of wealth.

Discipline, rigour, strength and a sense of purpose is what we associate with the military, and as such military watches suggest this about the wearer. Indeed, they may in fact be ex-military, and that comes with its own respect. So for those who feel that they do not need the most state of the art watch with all the latest gadgets, or a showy display of wealth, or the latest on trend horologic statement, then the military wristwatch is for you. Cool, classic and understated.

I like the Hamilton Khaki range of watches , and while you can buy them with leather straps, I prefer the original olive-drab canvas strap. Hamilton Men's Khaki Mechanical watch #H69419363

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