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Bell and Ross Military Watches

Bell and Ross watchBell and Ross WatchBell & Ross Watches as a brand have only been around for about 20 years, and yet they have already built themselves as a very classic, and iconic brand.  The distinctive look of their square faced watches based on the design style of aeronautic dials found in aeroplane cockpits. But also the use of black dials, and white Arabic numerals that reflect the style of standard issue military watches from the past. All of these factors make the Bell & Ross watch a design classic.

But it is not all about style and class. These watches are built for professionals. Aimed at pilots, bomb disposal experts, divers – these watches are built to be tough, and functional. The clear dials and face, the big bezels – all of these make the watch function well in extreme conditions. The Bell and Ross diving watches are water resistant up to 1000M. That is a serious dive watch.

Bell and Ross Clip Radar WatchIn addition to their more classic and “Heritage” design style, they have more contemporary designs, still influenced by the look of the aeronautical instruments – the CLIP RADAR looks like a radar screen – check out the video below.

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G-Shock Big Combination Military Wristwatch

G-Shock Big Combination Military WatchFollowing the post looking at the testing procedure for G-Shock watches, I was asked for a review of the G-Shock Analog Digital Combination watch I mentioned, and whether they make good Military Wristwatches. This watch is the G-Shock GA-100-1A1CU and comes in a nice Matt black, which gives it a really cool, Special Ops Watch type of feel and look. This is a BIG chunky watch, and does look great on the wrist.

This G-Shock is as tough as they come, and makes an ideal miltary watch, especially, if like me you prefer analog hands, rather than just a digital display. It is sporty, stylish and extremely rugged.  Here are some specs, but don’t forget to check out the video review of the G-Shock watch down below:

  • 20BAR water resistant – to 200M
  • Chronometer with lap splitting
  • 4 alarms with snooze feature
  • mini led light
  • World clock
  • Illumination for the analog hands

Here is a more full video review, this one is not exactly the same as the Matt Black, but all the other features are the same:

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Modern Military Wristwatches – The G-Shock Mudman G9000

G Shock Mudman G9000When it comes to Military Wristwatches the G-Shock has established itself as one of the foremost watches worn by those in the military. Especially popular with as a Special Ops Watch. The G-Shock Mudman G9000 is one of the most popular choices. Extremely tough and reliable, but affordable enough to be replaced (you would hardly want to take your Rolex with you into the field of battle).

There is no doubt that the G-Shock Mudman is built for extreme conditions, and it features a special casing that prevents dust, dirt and water getting inside it.

The grey model is pretty hard to find, but is reviewed in video below. It features all the classic G-Shock features such as Alarms, Stopwatches and Countdown timers.

Check this great military watch review below:

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Which Military Wristwatches are Really Considered a Special Ops Watch

I recently posted a question on a military wristwatches forum about the Special Ops Watch of choice. I had heard that the G-Shock was very poular. As it so happened I had a response from a Green Beret who works closely with Navy Seals, and his overall verdit was that,

Truth be told, most of the guys in the teams would not spend more than $300 for a watch. Because we generally need something cheap and durable, the G-Shocks fit the bill.

This seems to make a lot of sense, and even though there are some watches that are issued as standard, such as the Suuntos – which were issued around 2002/3 – the G-Shock is still the main watch of choice.

The Suuntos were issued to us starting around 2002-2003. They were awesome because of their features, but the case is generally weak. The bezels on them were difficult to turn and usually broke off. The Casio Pathfinders are not bad, however.

There are no official watches, that are issued as standard, and the G-SHock does seem prevalent. Interestingly enough, the Luminox does not seem that popular, either.

I happen to work alongside both MARSOC and SEALs; neither wear the Luminox much. In fact, I have not seen a single Luminox since I’ve been here. Our boss – our overall commander – happens to wear the MTM Patriot (which I also wear on ocassion). But, that’s because it was a gift from a family member.

So there you go – when it comes to durability and price – it is the G-Shock. Which was consistent with most of the responses I received.

You can read the full response here:


Casio Men's PAW2000T-7CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Titanium Bracelet Watch

Casio Men's G9000MS-1CR G-Shock Military Concept Black Digital Watch

Suunto X10 Watch

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Military Wristwatches are More Than Just A Style Statement

Military wristwatches are very much the grandfather of all wristwatches. When it comes to using a time piece in the military it is essential that you have something that is functional, reliable, accurate and tough. If you are about to storm an enemy compound you want to know that you can rely on your watch being precise, functional and very tough. But military wristwatches are no longer the main stay of the military. They have evolved into the essential watch wear for the fashion conscious urban warrior of today. The inherent toughness of the military wristwatch makes them ideal for extreme sports, and the additional functions make them loved by gadget fans and urban style warriors love them for their street cool. All the major design brands now do their own version of the military wristwatch, including Burberry and Porsche. The history of the humble wristwatch finds its origins in the military watch. Before World War One, most watches for men were pocket watches, and the wristwatch was a piece of jewellery for women. But when you are under fire in the trenches you need something that is accessible and reliable – and the answer was the wristwatch. The wristwatch became standard issue for the army, and over time, additional functions and toughness has been built in. Military wristwatches have evolved into pilot watches, combat watches and diving watches. Most brands do a tough military watch range, and some classic military brand watches are favored by different forces. The Traser watch is popular with Special Ops and the British SAS, and the Hamilton watch brand is popular with US military personnel.

Military wristwatches are now a watch style, with distinctive black face and clear numbers, and whilst original, combat worn watches from World War 1 and World War 2 are now collectible watches, the military stylings are a popular style reference for contemporary watch brands. So whether you are fighting in a real war, or just battling you way through the urban streets to get to work, or enjoying some extreme recreation – there are military wristwatches for you.

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