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Bell and Ross Military Watches

Bell and Ross watchBell and Ross WatchBell & Ross Watches as a brand have only been around for about 20 years, and yet they have already built themselves as a very classic, and iconic brand.  The distinctive look of their square faced watches based on the design style of aeronautic dials found in aeroplane cockpits. But also the use of black dials, and white Arabic numerals that reflect the style of standard issue military watches from the past. All of these factors make the Bell & Ross watch a design classic.

But it is not all about style and class. These watches are built for professionals. Aimed at pilots, bomb disposal experts, divers – these watches are built to be tough, and functional. The clear dials and face, the big bezels – all of these make the watch function well in extreme conditions. The Bell and Ross diving watches are water resistant up to 1000M. That is a serious dive watch.

Bell and Ross Clip Radar WatchIn addition to their more classic and “Heritage” design style, they have more contemporary designs, still influenced by the look of the aeronautical instruments – the CLIP RADAR looks like a radar screen – check out the video below.

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G-Shock AW590-1A Analogue Digital Watch Review

G-Shock Analogue WatchAny readers of the blog will know that when it comes to G-Shock watches, I am a big fan for the analogue version of their watches. The G-Shock AW590-1A is another affordable entry into the analogue range of watches – and I really like it.

The watch is at the low to mid end of the G-Shock price range – around $90, and yet feels styled in a much more expensive fashion. As you might aspect, this is a tough watch, and easily deals with everyday wear and tear that gets thrown at it. Up the ante a bit, and give it some of the rough treatment, and like all G-Shocks, it continues to perform and keep its stylish looks.

The main features are:

That it features a dual display with both Analogue and Digital. The Digitial display can be set to show a number of the watches functions. You have five day alarms (not sure why you need that many!), 29 time zones, LED light that can be activated by pressing a button, or set to automatic when you turn your wrist to look at the watch – which is kinda cool.

You have the other functions such as countdown timer, stopwatch.

The watch is robust, consisting of a stainless steel case, which has the added design feature of silver-tone metal bezel, which style wise sets it apart from the single colour G-Shocks around. The same robust protective casing is still there, and being water resistant up to 600 feet – this is more than enough for mere everyday use.

Here are some of the main comments people have about the watch:

“ The watch is very sturdy, and has a lot of nice features. ”

“ I don’t find the need to have that many alarms but some may find it useful. ”

“ When I opened it I noticed the size was good – large enough bezel to look like a man’s watch, and thick enough to appear rugged. ”

You can check out my main video review of the G-Shock AW590-1A here:


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