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Navy Seal Watches

Since Navy Seals are so much in the new right now, and rightly so, I thought I would focus on a Special Ops Watch used by Navy SEALS. When it comes to military wristwatches, it goes without saying that a watch needs to be tough. Never more so than when it is being used by Special Ops guys like the Navy SEALS. With precision timing absolutely critical, and being able to withstand a variety of tough conditions, you do not want a watch failing on you.

G-Shocks are popular with Special ops guys, but there is one watch that was built specifically for the NAVY Seals. That is the Luminox Navy SEAL Watch:

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Luminox Men’s 3051 Blackout Watch

According to the ad blurb the Luminox Men’s Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch features a unique illumination system that glows 100 times brighter than other luminous watches, making it the perfect choice for low-light or non-light situations. This versatile timepiece is constructed with a polyurethane, 43-millimeter case. The durable nylon band is accompanied by a Velcro closure. Stand-out Arabic numerals adorn the dramatic black dial face. For further time-keeping practicality a handy date calendar rests at the three o’clock position. Powered by analog-quartz movement and water resistant up to a depth of 660 feet, this watch is preferred by US Navy SEALs and US Air Force Pilots.

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Military Wristwatches Review of G-Shock G100-1BV Analogue

G-Shock Analogue watchI have written extensively about how the G-Shock, although not standard issue when it comes to military wristwatches, they are very popular as a Special ops Watch. I am not a great fan of the purely digital G-Shock, as I prefer a watch with analogue hands. That is why the G-Shock G100-1BV is the perfect G-Shock for me, as it has analogue and digital display.
Check out my video review.

Casio Men's G100-1BV G-Shock Classic Ana-Digi Watch

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The MTM Special Ops Watch

MTM Special Ops WatchWhen it comes to Military Wristwatches, and in particular a Special Ops Watch, then one finds that some watches were built specifically for the job. One such watch brand is the MTM Special Ops range of watches.

The history of the MTM Special Ops is that it was created out of the meeting between watch engineers and technicians and former military personnel.. MTM specifically made watches for the needs of the military and police forces around the world, and the watches’ pedigree is one firmly placed in the military. The watches comply with standard military specifications, and have been built to be extra tough for special ops use.

The MTM Special Ops was originally created exclusively for an elite Special Forces unit, and featured many cutting edge features not seen in conventional watches at the time. Since then they have gone on from strength to strength, being military specification compliant (MIL-W-4637) they have been supplying the military all over the world.

With the onset of the Afghanistan War after 9/11, the watch has proved extremely popular, and now features on the wrist of many fictional Special Ops characters in Film and TV, most notably being the watch of choice of Jack Bauer from “24”.

Currently in use by Special Forces units, S.W.A.T. teams, Secret Service, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Air Force pilots, Police officers, Delta Force units, and DEA, FBI, and SAS agents, the watch is no longer the domain of the military, and you too can own a tough, rugged, and reliable watch.

Check out this in depth review – you get a lot more than just a watch when you buy a MTM Special Ops Watch, as each one is limited edition, with its own unique number.

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How The G-Shock Replaced Rolex Military Wristwatches as Special Ops Watch of Choice

When it comes to a Special Ops Watch and the Navy SEALS, they used to be issued with a Rolex. Legend has that it was so they could use it to barter or negotiate if they got into sticky situations, but I think that was a bit of an old Navy story. But therein lays the inherent problem of the Rolex as a military issued watch. They are expensive to buy, with pressures on NAVY budgets, and expensive to maintain, and you can be sure as hell that the watch was going to get some rough treatment.

Until the early Eighties, Navy rules stated that “ Divers Watch must have a sweep second hand”. The problem with this is that it of course meant digital watches were excluded. However, the point of a sweep second hand was to measure time passing. Since a digital watch could do this, and some might say better, the rule was changed. The door was open to digital watches. Enter the CASIO G-Shock. Cheaper, tougher and with extra timing features, this was of great benefit to Navy budgets, and provided a tough, reliable time keeper for NAVY Seals. Don’t take my word for it – here is a quote from the guy who helped get the NAVY to reverse their decision on not having digital watches.

“When a Casio watch was lost or damaged, the costs to replace was minimum and compared to the costs to repair a Rolex and the time it took to get the Rolex back, made all the difference. By the way, the Casio G-shock watch did more than just measured lapsed time. Stopwatch, countdown timer..etc “

Lieutenant Commander, USN (Retired) Navy SEAL” -frogman80

Since then the G-Shock has really established itself as a military wristwatch, for all the reasons above. Rugged, tough, reliable and cheap to replace. Essential requirements in today’s military.

Casio Men's G9000MS-1CR G-Shock Military Concept Black Digital Watch

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Which Military Wristwatches are Really Considered a Special Ops Watch

I recently posted a question on a military wristwatches forum about the Special Ops Watch of choice. I had heard that the G-Shock was very poular. As it so happened I had a response from a Green Beret who works closely with Navy Seals, and his overall verdit was that,

Truth be told, most of the guys in the teams would not spend more than $300 for a watch. Because we generally need something cheap and durable, the G-Shocks fit the bill.

This seems to make a lot of sense, and even though there are some watches that are issued as standard, such as the Suuntos – which were issued around 2002/3 – the G-Shock is still the main watch of choice.

The Suuntos were issued to us starting around 2002-2003. They were awesome because of their features, but the case is generally weak. The bezels on them were difficult to turn and usually broke off. The Casio Pathfinders are not bad, however.

There are no official watches, that are issued as standard, and the G-SHock does seem prevalent. Interestingly enough, the Luminox does not seem that popular, either.

I happen to work alongside both MARSOC and SEALs; neither wear the Luminox much. In fact, I have not seen a single Luminox since I’ve been here. Our boss – our overall commander – happens to wear the MTM Patriot (which I also wear on ocassion). But, that’s because it was a gift from a family member.

So there you go – when it comes to durability and price – it is the G-Shock. Which was consistent with most of the responses I received.

You can read the full response here:


Casio Men's PAW2000T-7CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Titanium Bracelet Watch

Casio Men's G9000MS-1CR G-Shock Military Concept Black Digital Watch

Suunto X10 Watch

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