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Military Wristwatches are More Than Just A Style Statement

Military wristwatches are very much the grandfather of all wristwatches. When it comes to using a time piece in the military it is essential that you have something that is functional, reliable, accurate and tough. If you are about to storm an enemy compound you want to know that you can rely on your watch being precise, functional and very tough. But military wristwatches are no longer the main stay of the military. They have evolved into the essential watch wear for the fashion conscious urban warrior of today. The inherent toughness of the military wristwatch makes them ideal for extreme sports, and the additional functions make them loved by gadget fans and urban style warriors love them for their street cool. All the major design brands now do their own version of the military wristwatch, including Burberry and Porsche. The history of the humble wristwatch finds its origins in the military watch. Before World War One, most watches for men were pocket watches, and the wristwatch was a piece of jewellery for women. But when you are under fire in the trenches you need something that is accessible and reliable – and the answer was the wristwatch. The wristwatch became standard issue for the army, and over time, additional functions and toughness has been built in. Military wristwatches have evolved into pilot watches, combat watches and diving watches. Most brands do a tough military watch range, and some classic military brand watches are favored by different forces. The Traser watch is popular with Special Ops and the British SAS, and the Hamilton watch brand is popular with US military personnel.

Military wristwatches are now a watch style, with distinctive black face and clear numbers, and whilst original, combat worn watches from World War 1 and World War 2 are now collectible watches, the military stylings are a popular style reference for contemporary watch brands. So whether you are fighting in a real war, or just battling you way through the urban streets to get to work, or enjoying some extreme recreation – there are military wristwatches for you.

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